Comparisons of traps for capturing fall army worm, Spodoptera frugiperda, baited with virgin females or synthetic pheromone were conducted at Dade County and Quincy, FL, Brownsville, TX, and Tifton, GA. Significantly higher numbers of fall armyworm males were captured in traps, irrespective of design, that were baited with a four - component lure, Terochem, than in identical traps baited with virgin females or a standard bait containing a 10 : 1 ratio of (Z) - 9 - dodecenol - 1 - ol acetate and (Z) - 9 - tetradecen - 1 - ol acetate. Wire - cone Hartstack traps baited with Terochem captured significantly more males than a plastic funnel - type Unitrap in two of three locations at Tifton, GA, during 1984 - 85, and at Quincy, FL, 1984. At Brownsville, TX, and Dade County, FL, the Unitrap baited with Terochem lures captured ca. as many or more fall armyworm males, respectively, than the Hartstack design. Standard green, yellow, and white Unitraps captured 2× more fall armyworm males than solid green Unitraps, suggesting that the color may influence rates of capture.

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