Intensive sampling was used to characterize the size and leaf type for tufted apple bud moth, Platynota idaeusalis (Walker), egg mass deposition, and to determine the association and site of larval feeding on fruit and foliage in Pennsylvania apple orchards. Results suggest tufted apple bud moth prefer to oviposit on smaller leaves (<20 cm2), and egg mass size was 0.16 cm2 during first brood and 0.12 cm2 during second brood. Significantly more first and second brood egg masses were oviposited on leaves within nonfruiting spurs than on either vegetative shoots or fruiting spurs. Both larval broods were found in association with leaves only rather than leaves and fruit. Fruit injury due to larval feeding during both broods occurred more on the calyx (sepals) surface area than the side or stem surface areas of the fruit. In cultivar comparisons of fruit, more surface injury was located on the site of the fruit from ‘Stayman’ trees than for ‘Golden Delicious’ trees.

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