Studies of competitive foraging for three baits by Paratrechina longicornis Latreille, and Solenopsis invicta Buren were conducted in Brazil. Paratrechina longicornis discovered the foods, honey, meat, and cookie, first and recruited large numbers of foragers, dominating the baits for the first 20–30 min of the tests. Solenopsis invicta was slower to discover the baits but their ability to recruit additional foragers and their aggressive behavior resulted in displacement within 45–60 min of most P. longicornis and other ants from the baits and foraging arena. Four other species of ants observed in the study site: a Mycocepurus sp., an Acromyrmex sp., and two Conomyrma spp. occasionally fed on the baits but were not effective competitors for the former two species.

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