Seven diaminostilbene disulfonic acid-derived fluorescent brighteners, including Blankophor BBH®, Blankophor HRS®, Blankophor P167®, Blankophor RKH®, Blankophor LPG®, Blankophor DML®, and Blankophor BSU® (Bayer, Rock Hill, SC), were tested for effects on feeding rates of Helicoverpa zea (Boddie) and as enhancers and sunlight protectants for the H. zea nucleopolyhedrovirus (HzSNPV). All tests were done using virus applied to plant material. Blankophor BBH and Blankophor RKH were feeding deterrents; the other brighteners did not affect feeding. Blankophor HRS caused the greatest increases in activity of HzSNPV, both with and without exposure to simulated sunlight.

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