Three species of Collembola (Family Tomoceridae), Tomocerus (Tomocerus) folsomi Denis, 1929 and Tomocerus (Tomocerus) violaceus Yosii, 1956 and Tomocerus (Monodontocerus) modificatus Yosii, 1955, are reexamined. Tomocerus folsomi has had no modern description. Our study shows it to be clearly separated from other members of the subgenus Tomocerus s.s. by the combination of peculiar spinelets on the dental spines, multidentate lamellae mucro and a “principal” basal dental seta. Tomocerus s.s. violaceus is separated from other members of the subgenus by simple dental spines plus 3 or fewer setae on the tenaculum. The previously undescribed macrochatae are described and illustrated. Tomocerus (Monodontocerus) modificatus is recorded from China for the first time. While all the previous records were from caves, some of the Chinese specimens are from surface habitats. A number of previously undescribed features are described and illustrated.

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2Department of Biology, Nantong Teacher's College, Nantong 226000, China.

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