New instructional technologies provide educators with opportunities for student engagement and collaboration. As technology evolves, educators will spend more time identifying and testing new platforms. This instructional resource paper reviews several recent innovative technologies by providing brief descriptions, pricing, and current and potential uses. More specifically, this paper examines Doceri and DisplayNote in detail. My results from analyzing exam scores and course grades identified that the use of Doceri improves overall course performance in an introductory managerial accounting class. Poll Everywhere is an audience response system using mobile phones, Twitter, and the web in place of clickers. Student surveys suggest that the use of the Poll Everywhere app encourages questions and class discussions. Students perceived they participated more, and the class provided more illustrative examples with the utilization of the Poll Everywhere app. Top Hat is a cloud-based classroom and student response system used to increase student engagement during lectures using cell phones, tablets, or other devices. Finally, nClass and Asana are new tools to consider for classroom adoption and future research.

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