We present an in-class scenario-based exercise by which accounting information systems students learn about the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) 2013 Framework. Students are randomly assigned to groups of three to five, and each group receives a list of 17 principles and 17 scenarios. These scenarios are based on emerging technology environments and are designed to illustrate the key ideas in each of the five components. Each group categorizes the principles and scenarios into the five components. For each scenario, students are expected to (1) review the key framework components and principles, (2) understand how each component relates to real-world implementation scenarios, and (3) identify potential internal control weaknesses and risk mitigation. Discussions are video-recorded to evaluate the in-class exercise and fine-tune subsequent exercises. Ultimately, this exercise can help students understand the COSO 2013 Framework in emerging technology environments.

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