Using materials from PwC’s data analytics case study with a fictitious company, Pixystems Toy Company, Inc. (PwC, 2017), henceforth Pixystems Toys, the authors developed a comprehensive, multi-part data analytics project applicable in a variety of accounting courses.  The project follows the common data analytics framework (ask the right questions, extract, transform and load (ETL) the data, perform appropriate analyses and present the results).  Students apply this framework to the sales and purchases cycles.  For each students develop relevant questions, build a data model and perform other ETL procedures, perform analytics and prepare a presentation to convey insights and recommendations.  For the sales cycle, Microsoft Excel is the analytics tool; for the purchases cycle, Tableau is used. This project provides an opportunity for students to gain experience with two analytics tools, understand the process of building a data model, and wrestle with how to convey the results of their analysis.

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