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Online Early Accepted Manuscripts

Research Article April 11 2022
A New Measure of Similarity in Textual Analysis: Vector Similarity Metric versus Cosine Similarity Metric
Research Article March 24 2022
The Creation of One Truth: Single-Ledger Entries for Multiple Stakeholders Using Blockchain Technology to Address the Reconciliation Problem
Research Article March 1 2022
Digital Futures for Accountants
Research Article February 18 2022
The European Union’s ESEF iXBRL Mandate: Finland’s Experience as an Early Adopter
Research Article February 17 2022
Proposing Personality and Social Factors as Antecedents to Technology Resistance in Future Accountants
Research Article February 17 2022
An Evaluation of SEC 10-K Charts
Research Article February 17 2022
Cybersecurity Research in Accounting Information Systems: A Review and Framework
Research Article January 7 2022
Impediments to Blockchain Adoption
Research Article December 9 2021
Has Excel Become a "Golden Hammer": The Paradox of Data Analytics in SME Clusters
Research Article November 11 2021
Automation at Truveil: Business Process Understanding and Analysis in RPA Implementation
Research Article November 8 2021
Blockchain’s Impact on Accounting and Auditing: A Use Case on Supply Chain Traceability
Research Article November 5 2021
Teaching Business Transaction Cycles Using a Hands-on Activities Approach
Research Article August 24 2021
Artificial Intelligence Applications in the Auditing Profession: A Literature Review
Research Article July 22 2021
Learning Analytics and Technology Through Teaching
Research Article July 12 2021
Comparing the Cybersecurity Risk Disclosures of US and Foreign Firms
Research Article June 29 2021
US Individual Income Tax Return Simulated Data: A Methodology
Research Article June 29 2021
Predicting Earnings Directional Movement Utilizing Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
Research Article June 22 2021
Basics of SQL for Audit Data Retrieval and Analysis
Research Article June 22 2021
ChicagoLand Popcorn® - Examining Online Retailer Nexus Following Wayfair Using Data Visualization and Robotics Process Automation
Research Article June 16 2021
Dynamic View of Pandemic Circumstances with Government Interventions and Socioeconomic Factors
Research Article June 16 2021
Embracing Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence into the undergraduate accounting curriculum: reflections from the UAE
Research Article June 2 2021
An Introduction to Multilevel Analyses of Text Readability in Accounting and Finance
Research Article May 18 2021
The Use of New Data Sources in Archival Accounting Research: Implications to Accounting Information Systems and Emerging Technologies
Research Article April 26 2021
Comparing Apple to Amazon: Just a Matter of Words in Machine Learning World
Research Article April 8 2021
An Investigation of the Readability of Sustainability Reports
Research Article March 19 2021
Blockchains:  An Experiential Accounting Learning Activity
Research Article March 17 2021
Accounting-Specific Data Analytics: A Framework for Addressing AACSB Standard A5 and Industry Demand
Research Article March 8 2021
Artificial Intelligence: Reshaping the Accounting Profession and the Disruption to Accounting Education
Research Article February 24 2021
Incorporating Data Analytics into a Graduate Accounting Program
Research Article February 24 2021
Perceptions of Robotic Process Automation in Big 4 Public Accounting Firms: Do Firm Leaders and Lower-Level Employees Agree?
Research Article February 3 2021
Purchase Order “Analytic Audit”
Research Article February 3 2021
Vendor Master Data Cleaning – a Project for Accounting Class
Research Article January 27 2021
Accounting Research Opportunities for Cryptocurrencies
Research Article January 15 2021
Non-Earnings Conference Calls: Content, Determinants, and Consequences
Research Article January 8 2021
Accountability in Distance Learning:  The Effect of Remote Proctoring on Performance in Online Accounting Courses
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