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Online Early Accepted Manuscripts

Research Article June 22 2021
Basics of SQL for Audit Data Retrieval and Analysis
Research Article June 22 2021
ChicagoLand Popcorn® - Examining Online Retailer Nexus Following Wayfair Using Data Visualization and Robotics Process Automation
Research Article June 16 2021
Dynamic View of Pandemic Circumstances with Government Interventions and Socioeconomic Factors
Research Article June 16 2021
Embracing Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence into the undergraduate accounting curriculum: reflections from the UAE
Research Article June 2 2021
An Introduction to Multilevel Analyses of Text Readability in Accounting and Finance
Research Article May 24 2021
Comprehensive Data Analytics Project Using Excel and Tableau for the Sales and Purchases Cycles
Research Article May 18 2021
The Use of New Data Sources in Archival Accounting Research: Implications to Accounting Information Systems and Emerging Technologies
Research Article April 26 2021
Comparing Apple to Amazon: Just a Matter of Words in Machine Learning World
Research Article April 8 2021
An Investigation of the Readability of Sustainability Reports
Research Article April 1 2021
Impact of the environmental management system standardization on the managerial image of firms: An empirical study.
Research Article March 19 2021
Blockchains:  An Experiential Accounting Learning Activity
Research Article March 17 2021
Accounting-Specific Data Analytics: A Framework for Addressing AACSB Standard A5 and Industry Demand
Research Article March 8 2021
Artificial Intelligence: Reshaping the Accounting Profession and the Disruption to Accounting Education
Research Article March 1 2021
Review of data analytic teaching cases, have we covered enough?
Research Article February 24 2021
Incorporating Data Analytics into a Graduate Accounting Program
Research Article February 24 2021
Perceptions of Robotic Process Automation in Big 4 Public Accounting Firms: Do Firm Leaders and Lower-Level Employees Agree?
Research Article February 3 2021
Purchase Order “Analytic Audit”
Research Article February 3 2021
Vendor Master Data Cleaning – a Project for Accounting Class
Research Article January 27 2021
Accounting Research Opportunities for Cryptocurrencies
Research Article January 25 2021
A Case Study in Managing the Analytics “Iceberg”: Data Cleaning and Management using Alteryx
Research Article January 15 2021
Non-Earnings Conference Calls: Content, Determinants, and Consequences
Research Article January 8 2021
Accountability in Distance Learning:  The Effect of Remote Proctoring on Performance in Online Accounting Courses
Research Article January 8 2021
The Impact of Digitalisation on Future Audits
Research Article December 31 2020
Accounting Data Analytics Exercise for Intermediate Accounting: Warranty Expense and Product Liability
Research Article November 18 2020
Audit Opinion Prediction: A Comparison of Data Mining Techniques
Research Article November 18 2020
Year and Industry-level Accounting Narrative Analysis: Readability and Tone Variation
Research Article October 15 2020
The MSA is Dead. Long Live the MSA(A)!
Research Article October 5 2020
Accounting Implications of Blockchain - A Hyperledger Composer Use Case for Intangible Assets
Research Article October 5 2020
A Problem-Solving Based Teaching Approach to Database Design
Research Article September 30 2020
Can Substantive Analytical Procedures with Data and Data Analytics Replace Sampling as Tests of Details?
Research Article September 30 2020
Calibrating Word-Sized Graphics for Financial Accounting Applications: Evidence and Examples
Research Article September 30 2020
Accessing Cloud Data to Expand Research and Analytical Opportunities: An Example using IRS/AWS Data for Nonprofit Organizations
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