Figure 1 in the case is an error-seeded draft business process diagram (BPD) of the business process revealed in the conversation. This BPD was ostensibly created by an assistant, who attempted to incorporate EasyBuy's newly introduced practice of remotely disabling vehicles of customers who fail to make payments on time.

The questions pertain to specific objectives as follows:

Solution: b

The diagram shows information for sales contracts, loan agreements, and initial payments being recorded. Thus the diagram is correct because the information is completely recorded.

Solution: a

The occurrence of the “Payment due?” decision before the “Make payment?” decision allows for the possibility of customers having made no payments.

Solution: a

The vehicle would be restored to its pre-signaling condition, that is, no in-vehicle signals and the vehicle starts. The reason for the remote signaling is to encourage timely payment on car loans, not to annoy buyers needlessly.


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