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Aim and Scope

The Journal of Facility Management Education and Research provides researchers and industry professionals a medium to present relevant research related to the education and practice of facility management. The Journal publishes peer-reviewed papers, case studies, technical notes, and other items of interest to the field of facility management.

The Journal publishes material specifically in the following content areas under the general umbrella of facility management:

  • Education in both industry and academic settings, including instructional design, curriculum, and other best practices.
  • Professional practice issues, challenges, and areas of opportunity.
  • Corporate communications, including stakeholder engagement, public / private outreach, and company policy development.
  • Performance and quality of the facility organization and its assets, service functions, and vendor community.
  • Technology business acumen, including the management and optimization of existing solutions, but also long-term strategic planning of future technological developments and needs.
  • Operations and maintenance in the planning of new built assets and management of existing facilities.
  • Organizational culture and its impact on the business of facility and real estate management, including leadership, human factors, staffing, workplace design, and health and safety.
  • Financial management of the facility organization, including budget planning, control systems, contracting, and procurement.
  • Emergency management, disaster planning, hazards materials response, and business continuity.
  • Project development, planning, scoping, and contract administration.
  • Sustainability practices, including facility evaluation, corporate social responsibility, and the life-cycle process.
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