The purpose of the study was to investigate the influence of management practices on food handler commitment and, ultimately, food safety performance in food manufacturing facilities. Two focus groups, one with six food handlers and the other with six food safety professionals, were used to develop a conceptual model that measured the effect of management practices on food handler commitment and organizational performance. The fitness of the structural model was measured via a survey with 945 respondents from 189 food manufacturing facilities and official food inspectors in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The study found that training, communication, employee involvement, and organizational management support positively and significantly influenced employee commitment, and employee commitment positively and significantly influenced facilities' food safety performance. These results indicate food handler commitment is a critical factor in the relationship between all of the studied management practices and facilities' food safety performance. The study may have implications for food safety inspectors, enforcement officers, training agencies, and food manufacturing managements to consider human aspects in their work.

  • Management practices positively and significantly influenced employee commitment.

  • Employee commitment positively and significantly affected food safety performance.

  • Commitment is a mediator between management practices and food safety performance.

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