Heterocyclic amines (HCAs), which are known carcinogens in thermally processed foods, were investigated in roast lamb patties under various time and temperature conditions. HCAs in lamb products roasted at some temperatures increased with roasting time. An exponential model with a time factor fit well for the production of HCAs. The mean pH and cooking loss at various temperatures were also determined. The mean pH decreased as the temperature increased. Coreopsis extract was added to lamb patties roasted at 230°C for 15 min per side. The amount of coreopsis extract added had a significant effect on HCA development. A weak positive relationship was observed between the antioxidant activity of the lamb patty with the coreopsis extract and the inhibitory effect of coreopsis extract on various HCAs, with a correlation coefficient of 0.14 to 0.44 (P > 0.05). Coreopsis extract containing flavonoids can be a beneficial additive for production of barbecue meat.

  • HCA production greatly increased when lamb was heated to 230°C for 15 min.

  • An exponential model with a time factor was a good fit for HCA production.

  • Coreopsis extract has a dual effect on HCAs in roast lamb.

  • HCA production and free radical scavenging were weakly correlated.

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