The insecticidal activity of the hexane extract and fractions of Ricinus communis leaves against the yellow sugarcane aphid ( Sipha flava ) was evaluated in adults using contact bioassays by fumigation. The n -hexane extract at a concentration of 10,000 ppm achieved the highest mortality rate (80%), the positive control exhibited 100% mortality and the negative control only presented 4% mortality over the 72-hour experimental time. By means a chemical fractionation of the hexanic extract of R. communis leaves, it was possible to obtain an F4 fraction with an aphid mortality of 92% at 10,000 ppm in 72 hours. F4 GC-MS identified linoleic acid as the major compound (84.5%). The extract of R. communis and linoleic acid could be considered for integrated pest control as a more ecologically friendly alternative to synthetic chemical insecticides.

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