The purpose of this study was to determine the relative efficiency of various chemical compounds used to clean permanently installed glass milk lines. Nine different commercial alkaline cleaners and four acid cleaners were selected.

To evaluate the effectiveness of each selected cleaner, a continuous thirty-day test was made at two dairy plants.

For purposes of comparison between physical (l80°F hot water) and chemical sanitization, a study of some of the more commonly used chemical germicidal agents was included.

The nine commercial alkaline cleaners adequately cleaned Pyrex brand glass pipe but all quaternary-ammonium compounds used in this study were unsatisfactory either as cleaners or sanitizers.

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Author notes

*Presented at the 38th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Milk and Food Sanitarians, Inc., Glenwood Springs, Col., Sept. 26–29, 1951.

Dr. Frederick F. Fleischman, Jr., the co-author of this paper, was graduated from Cornell University in 1949 and received his Ph.D. from Cornell in 1951. He and Dr. Holland spent 2 1/2 years studying both the sanitation and economic aspects of the use of Pyrex glass pipe in dairy plant operations. From 1948 to 1951 he was an instructor in the Department of Dairy Industry at Cornell, and is now employed by the Plant Equipment Sales Department of the Corning Glass works.