An up to date revision of a germicide test which has been used at the U. S. Public Health Service, Robert A. Taft Sanitary Engineering Center since 1942. This method combines flexibility with control including methods for determining neutralizer efficiency and toxicity. Test organisms are grown on agar, suspended in buffered water, and filtered through sterile Whatman No. 2 paper. Sufficient test solution is available for related chemical tests. 10 refs.

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Author notes

Mr. C. W. Chambers was graduated from Ohio State University in 1932. Since then he has served as an instructor in bacteriology at Youngstown College; as Chemist for the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company; as Sanitary Bacteriologist, U.S. Public Health Service; Serologist, Ohio Department of Health; and as Research Bacteriologist, U.S. Public Health Service. During World War II he was in charge of a U.S. Public Health Service Trailer Laboratory. Since 1950 Mr. Chambers has been in charge of Germicidal Agents Studies, Water Supply and Water Pollution Control, Robert A. Taft Sanitary Engineering Center.