The origin of and membership in the Association of Food and Drug Officials of the United States is described. The formation in 1956 and the objectives of the Joint Committee on Frozen Foods in the above Association with representatives of the National Association of Frozen Food Packers is explained. The Committee was directed to prepare a model processing and handling code for uniform guidance of both industry and public servants.

Industry has surveyed operations, including bacterial determinations on products at different stages of processing in several precooked frozen food processing plants. Any product consisting in part of meat, poultry, gravy, sauce or stuffing is readily subject initially to plant mishandling and should be processed with minimal delay.

Sanitarians are urged to be practical, understanding, cautious and conservative when using the new tools in the recommended code; nevertheless, industry's familiarity with and early use of it will do much to maintain frozen food quality at a high level.

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Author notes

1Presented at the 46th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Milk and Food Sanitarians, Inc., at Glenwood Spring, Colorado, August 26–29, 1959.