Initial counts of 161 packages (21 brands) of sliced, cured bacon (yeasts and bacteria combined) ranged from <1,000 to 30 million per cm2. After 3 to 14 days at 3 to 6 C counts ranged from <1,000 to 650 million per cm2. Brand F showed the highest counts, and numerous small yeast colonies were seen on the lean. Abnormal odors and sliminess were observed in some samples. Initial bacterial counts on sliced, fresh side pork (53 packages, 2 brands, 2 stores) varied from <1,000 to 25 million per cm2. Species of Pseudomonas and Achromobacter dominated and counts were higher in packages from Store A, rising to 1 billion per cm2 in 6 to 7 days at 6 C.

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1Contribution number 438, Department of Bacteriology, Agricultural Experiment Station, Kansas State University.

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