The fat, protein, total solids, and caloric contents of 44 yogurt samples obtained in the Central Pennsylvania area varied widely. Averages and ranges were: 1.18% and 0.82–2.04% for fat; 4.29% and 3.09–5.38% for protein; 24.97% and 15.10–30.73% for T.S.; 103.2 cal/100g and 62.3–127.0 cal/100g. Package overweight was often excessive. Yogurt composition is discussed in relation to often quoted, but outdated official, figures. Questions as to yogurt's role in the dairy industry and yogurt uniformity are raised.

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Author notes

1Authorized for publication Jan. 15, 1973 as Paper No. 4372 in the Journal Series of the Pennsylvania Agricultural Experiment Station.