A total of 353 local food samples were cultured for Salmonella species using mannitol broth and two selective enrichment media, tetrathionate brilliant green bile broth and selenite cystine broth. Fifteen Salmonella species and serotypes were isolated: Salmonella paratyphi B. Salmonella typhimurium, Salmonella 4,5,12:-:-. Salmonella muenchen, Salmonella senftenberg, Salmonella lille, Salmonella alachua, Salmonella 6,7:-:-. Salmonella anatum, Salmonella enteritidis, Salmonella havana, Salmonella eppendorf, Salmonella emek, Salmonella california, and Salmonella 1.3.19:-:-. Salmonella was recovered from 27% of food samples examined. The occurrence of some species was as high as 11% of the samples. S. lille and S. alachua were isolated and are reported for the first time in Iraq. Seventy food samples (19.8%) harbored one type of Salmonella. 11 (5.9%) harbored two types and four (1.1%) harbored three types. Isolation of Salmonella from foods is affected by types of enrichment media. Tetrathionate brilliant green bile broth was superior to selenite cystine for Salmonella recovery from most foods. Some species prefer certain enrichment media for growth and multiplication. Use of more than one type of selective medium increases the chance of isolation of more Salmonella species and serotypes.

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