Ultra-high-temperature sterilized milk packaged in aluminum foil-lined or plain polyethylene-lined cartons was stored 1.5 months at 4 C in the dark or 22 C under fluorescent light. Five trained judges found milk at 4 C was not as stale and thus had a more acceptable flavor than milk at 22 C. Flavor of milk in aluminum foil-lined cartons was not as good as freshly pasteurized milk, but superior to milk in polyethylene-lined cartons. Increases in off-flavor intensity paralleled increases in concentrations of n-pentanal and an unidentified neutral volatile compound. A 24-member, untrained consumer taste-panel preferred the flavor of freshly pasteurized milk to 3-month-old commercial or 6-month-old experimental ultra-high-temperature sterilized milks in aluminum foil-lined cartons, which in turn were preferred over 6-month-old experimental ultra-high-temperature sterilized milk in polyethylene-lined cartons.

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1Contribution 80-47-J, Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, Manhattan 66506.

2Present address: Pfizer Inc., 4215 N. Port Washington Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53212.