The reactivity of deoxynivalenol (DON) monoclonal antibody 6F5 towards trichothecenes and Fusarium metabolites associated with DON and T-2 toxin biosynthesis was assessed by indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Using concentrations required to inhibit antibody binding to a DON hemisuccinate ovalbumin conjugate solid phase by 50% as a basis of comparison, isotrichodermin, 3-acetyl DON, 15-deacetylcalonectrin, and 3,15-dideacetylcalonectrin were 647, 362, 247, and 209% cross-reactive relative to DON, respectively. Isotrichodermol, sambucinol, and 7,8-dihydroxycalonectrin reacted to a lesser extent. The results suggested that the C3, C4, and C15 positions were immunodominant on determining binding to the DON monoclonal antibody. The antibody should be useful in detecting both production of these metabolites in Fusarium cultures as well as their occurrence in foods and feeds.

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