This study was conducted to evaluate the reduction of an egg allergen in a cake containing gamma-irradiated egg white. A white layer cake was manufactured by a commercial formula with 10- or 20-kGy–irradiated egg white. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) with immunoglobulin (Ig) E from egg-allergic patients and with rabbit anti-ovalbumin IgG were used to identify and quantify ovalbumin (OVA) in the samples. Concentrations of native OVA detected by IgE and IgG in the control were 432.88 and 375.46 μg/g sample, respectively. However, native OVA in samples with 10- and 20-kGy–irradiated egg white was detected at low concentrations (14.27 and 8.78 μg/g, respectively) by IgE (P < 0.05); IgG recognized OVA more often in 10- and 20-kGy samples than in controls. Conformational cleavage of OVA by irradiation could explain the IgG result. The results appear to suggest that irradiating egg white might reduce its allergenicity, which could be used in the production of baked goods of reduced allergenicity.

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