On the basis of total and thermoduric plate counts of milk, sixty producers were divided into two groups of equal sanitary level. One group was supplied a standard cleaner and hypochlorite sanitizer. The other was given a detergent-sanitizer containing Hyamine 1622 and Triton X-100. The detergent-sanitizer group showed greater quality improvement, especially on lower grade farms. Appearance of utensils, farmer's comments, and laboratory studies indicate that these results were due to the superior detersive and germicidal properties of the detergent-sanitizer.

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Received B.S. degree in biochemistry from Michigan State College in 1938. One year of graduate training was mainly devoted to food technology and a study of chlorine germicides, Engaged for the past twelve years in the research, development, and application of germicides in medical, industrial, and food sanitation fields.