Colony productivities of 5 media (2 containing skim milk, 2 milk-free, and 1 synthetic) have been compared with that of the official (TGEM) medium, authorized by the American Public Health Association. The chief objective was to discover a suitable milk-free medium to replace the TGEM medium. Work on improving the milk-free media is being continued. The synthetic medium (selected amino acids, vitamins, purines, pyrimidines, mineral salts, glucose and agar) gave about 95 percent productivity of the TGEM medium. A synthetic medium has potential use as a reference productivity standard.

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Author notes

*The Chairman of the Subcommittee on Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products of the American Public Health Association herewith acknowledges the valuable help of C. A. Abele, Luther A. Black, Leon Buchbinder, and Samuel R. Damon in organizing and executing this study, and of both Miss Vivian Pessin, Statistical Consultant to the Subcommittee and formerly Senior Statistician, and Louis Pincus, Senior Statistician, Bureau of Records and Statistics of New York City Department of Health, for guiding the execution and for making the multiple computations needed to establish the relative conformance of the determinations by the candidate media with those on the official APHA medium.

The Subcommittee gratefully acknowledges the unselfish help of each of seventeen participating laboratories: Oak Farms Corporation Laboratories, Dallas Texas; Division of Laboratories, Ministry of Health, Montreal, Canada; Division of Bacteriology and Dairy Research, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada; H. P. Hood & Sons Laboratory, Boston, Massachusetts; Environmental Health Center Laboratories, Federal Security Agency, Cincinnati, Ohio; City Health Department Laboratories, Denver, Colorado; Division of Laboratories, Department of Health, New Orleans, Louisiana; Caddo Branch Laboratory, Division of Laboratories, State Department of Health, Shreveport, Louisiana; Division of Laboratories, State Department of Public Health, Chicago, Illinois; State Department of Health Laboratories, Austin, Texas; City Department of Health Laboratories, Steubenville, Ohio; Hygienic Laboratory Division, State Department of Health, Charleston, West Virginia; Dairy and Food Control Laboratory, State Department of Agriculture, Madison, Wisconsin; Dean Milk Company Laboratory, Rockford, Illinois; The Borden Company Laboratory, Chicago, Illinois; City Board of Health Laboratory, Chicago, Illinois; and State Board of Health Laboratories, Topeka, Kansas.

Vivian Pessin; B.A., Hunter College; M.A., Columbia University. Statistician Division of Milk Sanitation, New York State Department of Health. 1937–1941. Senior Statistican, New York City of Health, 1941 —. Referee (Statistical Consultant), Subcommittee on Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products, A. P. H. A. Coordinating Committee on Laboratory Methods, 1951.