The procedures of the 3-A Standards Committee of the International Association of Milk and Food Sanitarians are being used as a guide in developing similar standards for general food service equipment. This work is being carried out through a Joint Committee on Food Equipment Standards working under the auspices of the National Sanitation Foundation. Among the organizations represented are the International Association of Milk and Food Sanitarians, United States Public Health Service and American Public Health Association. Standards for soda fountains, dishwashing machines and general food service equipment have already been developed in cooperation with the affected industries. These standards, soon to be published by the Foundation, should be of material assistance to food sanitarians and food industry representatives.

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Author notes

*Presented at 38th Annual Meeting, International Association of Milk and Food Sanitarians, Inc., Glenwod Springs, Colo., Sept. 26–29, 1951.

Charles L. Senn is the Engineer-Director of the Sanitation Bureau of the Los Angeles City Health Department. He received his B.S. in C.E. from the University of Wisconsin in 1932 and subsequently took courses in Public Health at the University of Minnesota and in Public Administration at the University of Southern California. He has been active in a number of national and regional organizations being Past-Chairman of the Conference of Municipal Public Health Engineers and the Engineering Section of the American Public Health Association. He is a Past-President of the Southern California Public Health Association, Chairman of the Joint Committee on Food Equipment Standards of the National Sanitation Foundation, Consultant of the Council on Paper Packaging of Foods, member of the liaison committee of the Institute of the American Poultry Industries on poultry standards and Lecturer in Public Health at UCLA and Los Angeles State College. In addition to being a Registered Civil Engineer and a Registered Sanitarian he is a Certified Dairy Inspector in California.