The use of the membrane-filter method for determination of coliform organisms in pasteurized and certified milk permits a more rapid counting of coliform colonies with the elimination of much of the plating procedure used with the conventional determination methods. Results of analysis for coliform content can be preserved on the membranes for future reference. Large quantities of milk can be examined rapidly through the use of the centrifuge in the method outlined.

Endo-agar was used in this work as the differential agar medium.

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Author notes

*Present address: Armour Research Foundation, Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Richard Ehrlich was born in Bedzin, Poland, in 1924. His preliminary education was taken in Poland before World War II. After spending two years in a German concentration camp, he was released by the American troops early in 1945. He was accepted, in that year, as a student at the U. N.R.R.A. University in Munich, Germany and completed his work for a Ph.D. degree from the University of Munich in 1949. Dr. Ehrlich studied Agriculture and specialized in Dairy Bacteriology.

He has published two papers in the Dairy publications of Germany and was the co-author of a paper presented before the 12th International Dairy Congress, held at Stockholm, Sweden in August, 1949.

Dr. Ehrlich arrived in the United States in August 1949 and secured a position as laboratory director of the American Butter Institute.