The Weber and Black method for evaluating germicides was used to compare the efficiency of hypochlorite and quarternary ammonium compounds in the destruction of representative psychrophilic bacteria isolated from defective milk products.

Under conditions of the test, hypochlorites displayed a more rapid germicide action than quaternary ammonium compounds against suspensions of the psychrophilic bacteria studied.

The germicidal action of a quaternary ammonium compound was markedly stimulated by the addition of certain complex phosphate salts.

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Author notes

1Paper presented at the 16th Annual Klenzade Educational Seminar, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, March 20–22, 1952.

2Published as Technical Paper No. 747 with the approval of the Director of the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station. Contribution of the Department of Bacteriology.

*Present address: Langlois Cheese Makers, Langlois, Oregon.

Mr. Parker served in the U. S. Army Air Corps, 1943–46. He attended Boise Jr. College, 1947, received his B. S., Oregon State College, June, 1950, and his M.S. in 1951. He now is Research Assistant, Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station, 1950. Recipient 1950 Phi Sigma award. Sigma Xi research honorary.