It was found that there is a linear relationship between the specific gravity of reconstituted skim milk and its total solids content, in total solids concentrations ranging between 7–30%. On this basis a formula is given for calculating the total solids content of reconstituted skim milk with an accuracy of ±4%.

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Author notes

*This work was carried under a grant of the Food Division, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of Israel.

J. Babad, Drs. Ing., graduated from the Technische Hochschule of Vienna and the University of Utrecht. He has been the head of the Dairy Research Laboratory, Rehovot, Israel, since 1933. His main work was in initiating the production of hard cheese and storage butter in Israel. He has published with co-workers many papers in different fields of dairy research, more recently especially on the use of dry milk in dairy products. He lectures on dairy chemistry at the Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University, and serves as Dairy Advisor to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of Israel.