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1Journal article No. 1448.

2Major Quartermaster Corps, Thailand Army, Bangkok, Thailand.

3Professor of Bacteriology and Public Health.

Choomphorn Gomutputra was graduated from the College of Veterinary Science, University of the Phillipines in 1944. He then returned to Thailand where he worked in the Army Veterinary Hospital until 1949. He won competitive Army scholarship for advanced study in veterinary science and food bacteriology and chose to study in the United States.

He was graduated from Michigan State College with a Master of Science degree in Veterinary Surgery and Medicine in September 1950 and with a Ph. D. degree in Food Bacteriology in June 1952. He spent the summer of 1952 in Europe in practical study and observation after which he returned to Thailand. Presently he is a Major in the Veterinary Corps and is stationed in the Quartermaster Headquarters in charge of laboratory control and research work for provisions for the Thailand Army.

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