Studies indicate that power required for ice bank bulk milk tanks averaged about 1.0 kw-hr per cwt. of milk while direct expansion tanks averaged 0.65. Both compare favorably with 2.0 for mechanical can coolers cooling to the same temperatures. Lower purchase prices for ice bank coolers may offset most of the power increase over the direct expansion type. Some ice bank tanks were underpowered and same had insufficient ice bank capacity to complete milk cooling to 40° F. within two hours after milking. One direct expansion tank using air cooling only did not meet this cooling requirement when operating in the 84° to 88° F. temperature range.

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1Approved for publication by the Director of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station.

2Supported in part as North Central Regional Project N.C. 23.

Calvin O. Cramer was raised on a southern Wisconsin dairy farm. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1952 with a B.S. in Agriculture and a B.S. in Civil Engineering. In 1954 he received a M.S. in Agricultural Engineering and at present he is engaged in research work at the same institution.