A simplified method of sanitizing drinking glasses used in soft drink stands in Israel is described. A pressure spray device served as a pre-rinse and final rinse, while the brushing, detergency and sanitizing phases were combined into one operation by the use of a brush-container filled with a quaternary ammonium based detergent sanitizer. The contact time between the glasses and the sanitizer was from five to ten seconds and satisfactory low bacterial counts were obtained by the swab test method.

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Author notes

Hillel I. Shuval received the B.S. degree in chemical engineering from the University of Missouri in 1948 and the M.P.H. degree from the University of Michigan in 1952. In 1949 the author was appointed as a sanitary engineer in the Ministry of Health of the newly formed government of Israel. He now holds the position of Asst. Director of the Division of Sanitation, of the Ministry of Health in Israel. In 1951 he was awarded a World Health Organization Fellowship in Environmental Sanitation.