The purpose of this investigation was to study the effect on refrigerator temperatures and on cooling times of white sauce placed under refrigeration by using still air and circulated air, by loading the refrigerator with varying amounts of sauce (8, 16, and 32 gal.), by distributing the load in various ways in the refrigerator (4 and 8 batches), and by placing the sauce in the refrigerator at two initial temperatures (140° and 80°F.).

Results indicated that the refrigerator air temperatures and the total cooling times of the sauces were significantly influenced by the variables used in this investigation. When the air was circulated, the air temperature in the refrigerator was drastically reduced and the total cooling times were shortened. The larger total loads of sauce gave longer total cooling times; distribution of the sauce into numerous small batches gave more efficient cooling. When the sauce was pre-cooled the refrigerator air temperatures were lowered and total cooling times were shortened.

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Author notes

1This is part of a larger project titled “Heat Transfer in Foods Prepared and Cooled in Quantity.”