Two hundred and seven samples of pasteurized dairy products obtained from consumer marketing channels were analyzed for the presence of staphylococci. Potentially virulent coagulase postive staphylococci were isolated from 3.4 percent of the samples examined. All of the various classes of products studied contained staphylococci, however, not all samples within a class contained the organism. The presence of coliform organisms and staphylococci did not correlate postively, leaving some question as to the source of contamination.

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Author notes

1Contribution No. 358, Department of Bacteriology, Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, Manhattan; contribution No. 282, Department of Dairy Husbandry, Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, Manhattan; supported in part by research grant E-3157 from the National Institutes of Health, and Public Health Service.

2Department of Bacteriology, Kansas State University.

3Department of Dairy Husbandry, Kansas State University.

4Kansas State Board of Health, Division of Public Health Laboratories.