During the past two years, the Public Health Service has been able to discharge the responsibilities delegated to it by the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments in a manner more cosely conforming to the procedures set forth in the basic Conference agreements. A number of elements of our program have been strengthened including performance of the check-rating function, and the initiation of several research projects and special studies designed to improve the methodology, sanitation standards and evaluation techniques adopted by the Conference. In 1960, special action, in concert with the Executive Board of the Conference, was taken to realistically aproach and deal with the problem of antibiotic residues in milk shipped interstate from certified shippers. In addition, through an expanded program of seminars and training courses, efforts have been made to bring about a higher degree of uniformity in attitude and performance on the part of participating State agencies. Attention has been called to a number of other problems, which are recommended for Conference consideration.

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1Presented as Progress Report to the Eighth National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments, St. Louis, Missouri, April 4, 1961.