In a study of the relationship of yellow-colored material on milk sediment disks to mastitis, representative milk samples were examined from 400 individual quarters of 144 different cows in 7 dairy herds. Observations made included (a) California Mastitis Test (CMT) reaction, (b) yield of milk per quarter at one experimental milking, (c) leucocyte count, (d) catalase activity, (e) A-esterase activity, and (f) evaluation of a sediment disk for degree of yellow-colored material present. These observations revealed that the yellow-colored material was closely related to the other indices of mastitis. It was concluded that the yellow-colored material (a) is particulate in nature, (b) originates in the udder, and (c) the amount appearing on milk sediment disks is, in general, directly proportional to the severity of mastitis.

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Author notes

1Scientific Paper 2712, College of Agriculture, Washington State University. Work was conducted under Project 1680, supported, in part, by a grant from Johnson and Johnson.