A study was made of the temperature of bulk tank milk at the time of pick up. The study included 534 Grade A producers from routes of 29 bulk tank haulers, with 22 brands of tanks ranging in age from <1 to >10 yr. Actual temperatures of milk at the time of pick up ranged from 0 to 12.8C (32 to 55 F). Differences were observed in the temperature of the top layer of milk before agitation and the blend temperature after agitation. Butterfat particles and ice were observed in approximately 8% and 2% of the tanks, respectively.

Approximately 8% of the bulk tank thermometers were either broken or out of order. About 20% of the tank thermometers' readings did not check within ± 3F of those of a test thermometer. The majority of the bulk tank haulers did not carry or use a test thermometer to check the temperature of the milk.

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Author notes

1Journal article No. 06-6-55. Published with the approval of the Director of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station.