A concentration of 0.005% Na4EDTA markedly inhibited the growth of the facultative psychrophiles P. putrefaciens, P. Fragi and P. fluorescens in half strength nutrient broth at pH 7.0. Achromobacter lipolyticum was the only psychrophilic organism of 20 tested which was found to be insensitive to EDTA. The application of a 1.0% dip of Na4EDTA to haddock fillets for 1 min failed to suppress the increase in bacterial numbers on fillets stored at 3 C when compared to untreated control fillets. Refrigerated storage at 3 C was, however, extended by the dip from 5 to 9–10 days based on odor and taste evaluations. The formation of trimethylamine and volatile basic nitrogen was markedly suppressed in EDTA dipped fillets.

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Author notes

1Presented at the eleventh annual Atlantic Fisheries' Technological Conference at Point Pleasant, New Jersey on September 28, 1966.