Slime, produced by members of the genus Propionbacterium, was isolated, and attempts were made with it to induce antibody formation in biological systems to demonstrate the possible use of anticapsular antibodies for serological typing. Slime produced by three different species of Propionbacterium did not produce detectable precipitating antibodies in rabbits. Killed whole cells of Propionbacterium Zeae induced specific agglutinin formation. Antibodies produced against whole cell antigens of P. freudenreichii and P. shermanii exhibited substantial heterologous agglutination reactions.

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1Journal Paper No, J-7275 of the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station, Ames, Iowa, Project No, 1838.

2Present address: Department of Biology, Southwestern Union College, Keene, Texas 76059.

3Present address: Microlife Technics, Sarasota, Florida 33380.