The effects of cooking blue crabs at two temperatures (100 C and 121 C) on the amount of cook loss and concurrent protein loss were studied under controlled pilot plant conditions. The 121 C cook temperature resulted in a greater volume of cook loss fluids which contained a greater amount of protein. Centrifugation of the cook loss and analysis of the supernatant fractions showed that the protein in the supernatant from the 121 C cook was significantly greater than in the supernatant from the 100 C cook. Percent protein in the solids component of the cook loss showed an inverse relationship being slightly, but not significantly, higher in the solids from 100 C cook than in the 121 C cook. Under pilot test conditions, rinsing samples of fresh picked crab meat with tap water resulted in protein losses of 15.2% for the 100 C cook and 12.6% for the 121 C cook. Dipping crab meat samples in a salt brine solution resulted in protein losses of 11.2% for the 100 C cook and 7.3% for the 121 C cook. Higher protein losses during the early winter season were attributed to seasonal variation in the physiological condition of the blue crab.

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