The Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Count (DMSCC) “strip” method requires the counting of four strips on two separate milk films. An evaluation of five technicians and 231 milk samples, using a truncated sequential procedure for making cell counts, indicated the potential for significantly reducing the number of strips counted, with little loss in validity of results. For conditions observed in this market, counting of cells could be terminated after the first strip in 85% of the instances with a somatic cell standard set at 1.5 million or higher. Four strips would have to be counted in only 4% of the samples. With the standard set at 1 million or higher, these market conditions would permit one-strip counting 68% of the time, and would necessitate four-strip counting in only 20% of the samples.

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1Paper No. 8291 Scientific Journal Series, Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, St. Paul.

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