Two strains each of Aspergillus clavatus (NRRL 1980 and ATCC 9599), Penicillium claviforme (NRRL 1001 and 1002), Penicillium expansum (FM 1071 and NRRL 973), and Penicillium patulum (ATCC 24550 and FM 1172); and one strain of Penicillium griseofulvum (NRRL 2300) were inoculated into potato-dextrose broth and incubated at 1.7, 7.2, and 12.8 C for 110, 84, and 55 days, respectively. All cultures grew at all temperatures. Patulin production by P. griseofulvum and P. claviforme, NRRL 1001, was limited or inhibited at 1.7 C, whereas at 7.2 C only P. griseofulvum, NRRL 2300, failed to produce toxin. Patulin was produced at 12.8 C by all nine cultures.

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