The Scharer rapid test for measuring alkaline phosphatase activity in milk and milk products was modified to include a photoelectric colorimeter in place of visual observation of color. Dairy products containing various amounts of added enzyme (3–15 μg phenol/ml or g) were prepared for analysis as per standard methods and analyzed by the rapid colorimetric test. A linear relationship was found between the percent of raw milk added and the enzyme activity with a correlation coefficient (r) range of 0.963 to 1.000. Hydrolysis of the substrate (disodium phenyl phosphate) by the surviving enzyme in different dairy products was similar. Recovery of the added enzyme varied, depending on the nature of the product. The method is quantitative, reproducible, and can be used as a rapid confirmatory procedure. Similarly, this method was applied to differentiating residual and reactivated enzyme in milk, cream and buttermilk. Compared to the Scharer rapid and the Rutgers visual methods, this test was more reliable in borderline cases because it eliminated the bias encountered in visual examination. A method was developed to analyze alkaline phosphatase in casein.

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