A dry-powdered pigment extract was prepared from dried cranberry pomace by methanol extraction, concentration and spray drying. The extract was added to a cherry-flavored beverage mix and a strawberry-flavored gelatin dessert mix. The former was packed in foil/paper pouches and the latter in polyethylene/paper pouches. Storage studies were conducted at 40, 75, and 100 F with relative humidity (RH.) values of 10, 40, and 90%, respectively. All were evaluated for color, flavor, and pigment stability versus samples containing Red No. 2. Samples stored at temperatures up to 75 F had considerable breakdown after 12 weeks of storage but still showed acceptable color. Pigment stability was greatly increased with nitrogen flushing, and decreased with increasing temperature of storage, reaching a maximum at 100 F at 90% RH. The pigment extract imparted an astringent flavor which could be detected by triangular panels, and indicated the need for some type of “clean-up” procedure.

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1General Foods Corporation, Technical Center, Tarrytown, New York.