A survey conducted during 1976–1977 on chlorinated pesticide residues in 105 samples of butter from the Tehran region revealed the presence of lindane, DDT with its metabolites DDE and DDD, and dieldrin in 100-93-100-100 and 73 samples, respectively. The means and ranges in ppm were .11 (.041 to .24), .037 (.011 to .82), .053 (.019 to .45), .034 (.001 to .11) and .015 (.001 to .09) for lindane, DDT, DDE, DDD and dieldrin, respectively. The mean concentration of chlorinated pesticide residues were lower than tolerances established by the World Health Organization for dairy products which are in ppm 1.25 for DDE, DDD and DDT singly or in combination, 0.15 for dieldrin and 0.2 for lindane. The reason for the low values might be zero grazing, use of partly dehydrated feeds and recent curtailment in use of these pesticides.

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