Broiler carcasses were packed in low-permeability film bags that were evacuated, injected with CO2, then held at 2 C. Broilers were examined microbiologically and for off-odor to determine the shelf-life and types of bacteria. Vacuum level did not significantly affect bacterial counts. Broilers stored in 65% CO2 had a 1-day longer shelf-life than those held in 20% CO2 and about a 5-day longer shelf-life than ice-packed broilers. Spoiled carcasses from either 20 or 65% CO2 packages had an acid-sour off-odor, and more than 90% of the bacteria present were Lactobacillus. Ice-packed broilers had the typical putrid off-odor at spoilage, and more than 95% of the bacteria were non-pigmented Pseudomonas.

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Author notes

1University of Georgia.

2Russell Agricultural Research Center.