Plate beef was washed and/or sanitized with cold water, hot water, steam, sodium hypochlorite, or acetic acid before being stored for up to 28 days at 3.3 C and 90% relative humidity. Microbial counts initially and at regular intervals thereafter disclosed that, compared with untreated controls, time to reach counts of 108 bacteria per cm2 were (a) 1 day less with steam- or water-treated samples, (b) 2 to 3 days more with hypochlorite-treated samples, (c) 5 days more with hot-water-treated samples, and (d) 16 to 17 days more with acetic acid-treated samples. Re-sanitization with acetic acid extended time to reach equivalent counts by 7 additional days.

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Author notes

1Federal Research, Science and Education Administration, United States Department of Agriculture.

2Department of Food Science and Nutrition.

Contribution from the University of Missouri Experiment Station, Journal Series No. 8005.

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