The International Dairy Federation (IDF), a non-governmental, non-political international organization was established in 1903. The IDF derives its finances from the annual membership fee (current membership - 31 countries). Membership is accorded to countries through their National Committees representing the country's various dairy interests. These Committees are the link between IDF and the member country. The IDF Executive Committee deals with policy matters delegated by the Supreme body of IDF, the General Assembly, and develops proposals for General Assembly consideration. A permanent secretariat under the direction of Mr. P. Staal, Secretary-General, coordinates IDF activities and carries out the current business at the IDF House, Brussels, Belgium. The technical and scientific work of IDF, under the guidance of the Commission of Studies, is carried out in six special Commissions whose subject matter covers all aspects of interest to the dairy industry. The objective of IDF, which is to promote, through international cooperation, solution of -scientific, technical and economic problems in the international dairy field, is achieved through the voluntary work of hundreds of the world's dairy industry leaders. This work is done by Groups of Experts or at Annual Sessions. IDF-sponsored Seminars or Symposia and Congresses.

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