The information requirements for proper management of product quality and safety in a foodservice call for organization and manipulation of large amounts of data. This requires a structural organization to the data, which has large capacity while simultaneously being flexible enough to rapidly deliver information developed from the data. A matrix data structure meets these requirements and conveniently integrates new procedures and new products into a well - structured management information system. Such a structure is a convenient computational device, especially when implemented on a computer, and can be used for immediate feedback of information to the manager. Product quality and safety management requires that these functions be integrated into such a system and related to cost. Only in this way will the resource utilization impact of these control functions on the overall foodservice operation be apparent. Although in this paper the data structures are applied to foodservice operations, other applications are possible. In particular, dairy processing operations, meat and other food processing operations as well as food distribution systems, could all benefit from applications of such structures.

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