Salmonella isolation and identification follow an inseparable continuum of steps from beginning to end. This paper, therefore, encompasses both aspects of the problem. The importance of recovering injured cells is mentioned, and problems in automating the isolation process are described. Rapid serological tests for identification of salmonellae directly in enrichment media are discussed. Suggestions are made for improvements in antiserum preparation and for automating certain serological tests. Various kits, procedures and automated equipment on sale or under development for the rapid and convenient physiological characterization of salmonellae and other Enterobacteriaceae are described. Examples are given of comparative efficiencies and potential problems that might be encountered. Finally, a prediction is made about the possible nature of future generations of highly efficient and inexpensive automated systems for Salmonella identification.

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1Journal Paper No. J-9880 of the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station, Ames, Iowa; Project No. 2377.